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Droppah New Release | Available Now

October 14, 2020
Droppah New Release | Available Now | Blog
Jake | PayHero Resource Author



I’m excited to let you all know that our new rostering app, Droppah, is now live!

The team has had a busy few months developing, testing and listening to all the questions, suggestions & feedback from our beta users (😍). 

We've added a bunch of new core features like an integration with PayHero; a photo time clock for capturing start, end and break times; timesheet variance reporting; and more! Read on for all the details.


Here's a summary of what's new in Droppah:



PayHero integration

PayHero Integration | Droppah

PayHero payroll integration is now available!

Seamlessly manage rostering, timesheets, payroll and employee leave with our deep two-way integration.

Sync employees, leave requests, teams and work with Droppah by connecting to your PayHero account. Approve & send time segments recorded in Droppah straight to PayHero, ready for your next pay run.



Photo time clock

Photo Time Clock | Droppah

Manage time & attendance easily with Droppah's in-built photo time clock feature. See who's clocked in, who's late and who's working overtime so you can effectively manage staff time. 

Employees clock in and out (and record breaks) on a wall mounted device by taking a selfie photo. Admin users can view historical clock records and photos to ensure staff are being paid correctly.

The photo time clock creates payroll-ready time segments. If you're integrated with PayHero you can send these time entries directly to your PayHero account, making payroll even more accurate & easy.

When using Droppah for clocking in and out you can lock the app on the photo time clock screen. That way only users with the passcode will be able to access the rest of the app, ensuring your sensitive data stays secure.



Budget control

Set your staffing budget and stick to it. Limit unplanned overtime by applying strict start, strict end or default break durations to shifts. 




Timesheet Management | Droppah

Use powerful filters and reports to get an hour-by-hour breakdown of labour costs. Compare budgeted work with actual hours or costs so you can create more optimised rosters.



In-app improvements

  • Create, modify and review time segments recorded in Droppah before sending them through to PayHero. 

  • We've added the ability to copy the previous week's roster for companies with more consistency in their rosters

  • The new automatic roster planning flow gives you more information & feedback as our AI creates your roster

  • People, plans, skills, shifts and teams can now be archived


What's next?

  • Shift swapping for employees

  • Team managers

Jake | PayHero Resource Author



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