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A Fresh Look + Upgraded Rostering Experience

March 24, 2022
A Fresh Look + Upgraded Rostering Experience | Blog
Emily | PayHero Resource Author



After months of development, we’re excited to announce the latest version of Droppah. We’ve heard your feedback and upgraded the roster editing functionality, along with some fresh aesthetics to make your scheduling experience extra intuitive. 

Layout Changes

In the calendar view you will now find the roster, resources, and timesheets views in separate tabs, rather than in a drop-down menu. 

Droppah Calendar Layout Updates

Your company, account, and support settings have been moved to a drop-down in the top right corner of Droppah.  

Droppah Roster

You can now switch between different team views using the drop-down in the top right, rather than opening the navigation pane.



The choice to optimise your rosters for the lowest cost, most skilled people, or most experienced people has been simplified and moved to your company settings. This allows you to set-and-forget your optimisation preference. 

Droppah Rostering Settings

Roster Plan AI Upgrade

The automation that runs the roster generation has been upgraded to use Google OR, offering more accurate results. 

Plus, the automatic roster feature is more flexible as you can create a roster plan without Skills. Previously, Skills were required to build a plan, but now only Shifts are necessary. This means you can build a roster plan based on Shifts, then add in your Skills later to the Calendar if that works better for your business. 

Droppah Roster Plans

Smarter Roster Building in the Calendar View

We’ve made roster editing and building in the calendar view more practical. You can essentially build a roster from scratch by adding shifts and skills directly into the calendar by clicking on the plus at the bottom of each day, rather than having to customise most details in the roster plan before it is loaded. As each team has their own individual requirements, this method of roster building does not work in the All Teams view.

Droppah Roster | Labour Costs

Find what works best for your business - either creating a roster plan and powering it with AI technology, or building it yourself in the calendar view. 

Emily | PayHero Resource Author



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