1154 Pastaria & Scopa Pizzeria | Droppah Customer
1154 Pastaria & Scopa Pizzeria | Droppah Customer

1154 Pastaria & Scopa Pizzeria


Droppah helps iconic Wellington eateries: 1154 and Scopa cook up a modern software tool-kit to make rostering a breeze

Wellingtonians love their eateries, it's no surprise given the great options out there. To maintain 1154 and Scopa’s competitive position, co-owner of 1154 and Scopa Kieran Wallace needed a robust business management solution to replace their largely manual and paper-based rostering and time tracking processes.

Cuba Street is a hot spot for some of the most delicious and lively restaurants in Wellington, of which 1154 Pastaria and Scopa Pizzaria are two of the most iconic Italian eateries. 1154 is a fast, fresh and fun shared dining experience, with fresh pasta made daily, in-house, natural wines and sodas. Scopa is Cuba Street’s original pizzeria with classic hand-pushed pizzas, cocktails, an Italian-focused wine list and Wellington’s most famous hot chocolate.

The challenges before adopting Droppah 

Before adopting Droppah, “the danger of paperwork getting lost” became a huge driver for a new rostering and time-clock solution. Kieran chatted about frequent misplacements of rosters, time slips, and annual leave requests, because “in a restaurant there aren’t too many ways to file away paperwork for safe keeping”. In a busy, thriving restaurant, one can only imagine the problems that arise from this inefficient way of managing important documents.

A modern solution to an outdated problem

With paperwork, there is also more room for error, which made it hard for Kieran to “feel confident staff would know when they were due in for their shift”. Kieran reflected on the days where he “used to point to the roster on the wall and say ‘hey make sure you’re checking any changes before you leave’”. Droppah offered Kieran a “modern solution to a really outdated problem”. Droppah was simple, clear and easy to introduce into both restaurants, so ticked many of Kieran’s boxes in what he needed from a rostering software. 

“Rostering used to be a laborious process. Now with Droppah, we can change the roster in real-time and the sign-in process is instant.” 

Getting started with Droppah 

Implementing Droppah across the two locations has taken their paperwork online, which makes it far more accessible. This allows the “responsibility to be shared” across the whole team. In other words, staff know when they are supposed to work, and managers feel confident they are getting the roster. Gone are the days of checking the rosters on the wall. Any updates Kieran made to the roster, the staff could see in real time from their phones. 

Control your costs and optimise coverage 

As an added bonus for Kieran, Droppah’s rostering has helped 1154 and Scopa manage their business costs. After creating your weekly roster, Droppah automatically works out the total hours each employee is rostered and the corresponding wage costs. For Kieran, this minimises overstaffing risks and makes it easier to forecast week-on-week growth of wage costs and sales. 

“Droppah allows us to keep on top of our staff costs. We can see how the rosters have grown and measure it with sales".

A rostering software designed for your employees 

In an industry with constant change, like the exciting world of hospitality, it’s important to choose a rostering & time clock software employees will love. “Our staff are modern and in the real world”, says Kieran. “We need to move with that and ensure the back-end software supports them” and “Droppah is modern and easy for them to use”. As rostering and clocking in and out are daily tasks for most hospitality workers, Droppah is a real time saver for Kieran and his team with how easy it is to “train staff quickly”. 

Create the perfect roster and pay your staff right

1154 and Scopa Integrate their Droppah account with PayHero. Rostering and payroll go hand in hand, and when used together, rostering and time clock data flows through to payroll, ready for you to process a pay. Kieran says this has sped up communication between accounts, managers and employees, as there is less room for error and less need to double check. 

Kieran uses PayHero and Droppah across both his eateries. This benefits Kieran because “if staff need to help at another site, they can still be confident that their pay will be processed appropriately".

"The integration is a crucial link between payroll and rostering. The accounts team were chasing up managers to confirm timesheets with staff. Now the process is simple for everyone."

If you want to say ‘Ciao Baby’ to your manual processes like 1154 and Scopa, start your free trial with Droppah today!

Company: 1154 Pastaria & Scopa Pizzeria
Website: 1154.co.nz
Industry: Hospitality
Customer since: May 2021
Team size: 42
Why Droppah?
  • More visible wage costs and schedules
  • Efficient communication with staff
  • Whole team transparency of time tracking
  • Avoid over rostering and staff no-shows
  • Reduced time on rostering and less manual paperwork
1154 Pastaria & Scopa Pizzeria | Droppah Customer

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