Suss your schedule sitch in a sec

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Fast: Sort your roster in your coffee break

Copy your last roster, then drag-and-drop to tweak as you need. Or, let Droppah whip it up for you using availability, skills and cost.

Healthy: Helps you look after your crew’s wellbeing

Forgot about the dishy working overtime with no break? Track shifts in real-time to see who needs to tap out.

Satisfying: Wrap up the timesheets & get paid

See where all the time has gone, fix any blunders, then send it off to payroll. This ain’t no chopping onions - it’s quick & tear-free.

Droppah has given us the ability to see every shift in detail, plus what our team is doing in real-time.

Eat My Lunch | Brett Pearson | Droppah Customer
Brett PearsonEat My Lunch

Clock in, in less time

Use the photo time clock to stay on top of breaks & shifts. Bartender, barista and sous chef - all clocked in and out with a selfie.


Sheet, is that the time?

Keep a tab on where everyone is and what they’re doing thanks to Droppah’s snazzy live view.


Refine the recipe

The perfect roster formula isn’t made overnight - add, edit & swap shifts to find the ripe balance for your team.


Comms for a cluey crew

Get all the cooks in the kitchen with simplified roster sharing & shift swapping. Only notify who needs to be in the know.


Save your moolah

Build a budget-friendly roster, then report on it to find the right coverage. No one wants four servers standing around polishing cutlery.


With Droppah, rostering takes two quick steps at the end of the week and we can see exactly where our money is being spent.

Man O' War | Lea Winzer | Droppah Customer
Lea WinzerMan O' War

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