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A Fresh Look + Upgraded Rostering Experience

March 24, 2022
A Fresh Look + Upgraded Rostering Experience | Droppah
Emily | PayHero Resource Author



Our latest update to Droppah is a biggie. We’ve heard your feedback and upgraded a bunch of functionality within the app. Plus, a fresh aesthetic will make your scheduling experience extra *cue buzzword* intuitive.

Mixing up the Layout

In the Calendar view, we’ve scrapped the classic drop-down menu in favour of beautiful-lookin’ tabs. Here you’ll see separate tabs for the Roster, Resources and Timesheets.

Even Smaller Roster

But don’t get us wrong, we still like a drop-down. So in the the top right corner of Droppah, you’ll find your Company, Account, and Support Settings. 

Calendar with Settings Open

The other layout change you might notice is that you can now switch between different Team views using a drop-down in the top right corner.

All Teams

Set-and-forget how you want your rosters optimised

Rosters can be optimised based on the lowest cost, most skilled people, or most experienced people. We’ve noticed that most people optimise for the same thing each time they build a roster. So, we’ve simplified this experience and moved the optimization preferences to your Company Settings. Once you select how you want your roster to be optimised, Droppah will do its thing every single time.

Optimisation Categories

Droppah’s AI is clever-er than ever

Droppah’s funky AI lets businesses build automated rosters in seconds. To improve this experience, we’ve adopted Google OR. Google OR helps connect all the data behind Droppah, so the rosters are more accurate. 

For the AI to work, Droppah needs a few pieces of info in the Roster Plan. Previously, Skills and Shifts were both required to build a plan. But we’re all about flexibility around here, so we’ve decided to scrap the Skills requirement. Now you’ll only need to know your Shifts and Skills can be added in later.

Roster Plans

Smarter Roster Building in the Calendar View

Every business likes to use Droppah differently, so we’ve made it possible to build a roster from scratch in the Calendar View. If you don’t want to fluff around in the Roster Plan, you can simply add Shifts and Skills in the Calendar View by clicking on the plus at the bottom of each day. Take note that this won’t work in the All Teams view, as every team has their own quirks.

Smaller Roster

So, what’s the final low-down? These fresh features give you full control over your rostering experience. You can create a simple Roster Plan and power it up with AI, or DIY it in the Calendar View.

If you've read this far and don't use Droppah, it only takes 30 seconds to get started.

Emily | PayHero Resource Author



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