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Droppah Time Export & Xero Payroll Australia Integration

December 1, 2021
Droppah Time Export & Xero Payroll Australia Integration | Blog
Emily | PayHero Resource Author



We’ve been busy here at FlexiTime HQ building two new features for our rostering app Droppah. Our team is excited to welcome users from any payroll system worldwide to experience the benefits of creating rosters with Droppah.


Timesheet Export | Droppah Feature

Time Export

The Time Export feature allows you to easily export custom CSV files from Droppah and import them into any payroll system ready for payday.

Many payroll systems accept timesheet imports, but they all have different CSV file requirements. You’ve got to have the correct columns and headers, and the time/date formats need to be juuuuuust right. With our Custom Time Export feature you can create a file template to match your payroll system’s exact requirements, so there’s no need to fix anything in Excel on payday.

How does Time Export work?

After your employees have clocked in and out for the week, select Export Timesheet and confirm the relevant Team. Click Export Timesheet again once you are happy with the details and a CSV file will be automatically downloaded. The timesheet template can be adjusted and formatted in the Settings according to your needs. Once you have created the right template, this will be saved for all future downloads. Click here to see the range of template functions and a detailed explanation of the Time Export feature.


Xero Payroll Australia | Droppah Integration

Xero Payroll Australia Integration

Our new integration between Droppah and Xero Payroll (Australia) is now live! Australian companies can now manage rosters, timesheets and approvals in Droppah and send those timesheets directly to Xero Payroll for fast and accurate pays. Better yet, it’s easy to allocate wage costs to different cost centres in Xero by syncing Skills in Droppah to Pay Items in Xero. How does the Xero Payroll Integration Work? First, ensure your country is set to ‘Australia’ and you have integrated to Xero in the Droppah settings. Next, sync your pay calendar and link employees between Droppah and Xero. Skills in Droppah will also need to be linked to the appropriate Pay Item in Xero Payroll. Once this is set up, managers can approve time in Droppah and send it to Xero without the payroll team needing to get involved. Read here for more details.

Emily | PayHero Resource Author



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