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Employee Shift Swapping & Droppah’s Colourful Facelift

February 07, 2023
Employee Shift Swapping & Droppah’s Colourful Facelift  | Droppah
Emily | PayHero Resource Author



Exciting things are happening in Droppah rostering land! To kick off, we’re stoked to announce Droppah’s colourful makeover is officially complete. Our team have been busy polishing off branding changes in-app and we can’t wait for you to see the glow-up. 

In other huge news, shift swapping is now possible thanks to the new Cover Requests feature in the Employee Mobile App. Managers can say goodbye to extra admin, and employees can enjoy a sense of ownership. Call us biased, but this will change the rostering game for your team. Wanna hear more? Read on.   

Your fav rostering system has had an aesthetic upgrade

Roster Overview

As you can see, the skin is the same, but the facelift means it looks a little different. Okay, a LOT different…


Don’t stress, the new branding won’t affect your rostering experience. All the navigation has remained the same.

Live Tab


Employees can request cover through the mobile app 

Shift swapping happens all the time in hospitality and other shift-based industries, but poor communication often spoils it for everyone. To make this whole process easier, we’ve added cover request functionality to the employee mobile app

To start, an employee can select someone to cover in the mobile app, and then the chosen employee will receive an email and an in-app notification. 

Cover Request

If they agree to the shift, a manager can approve the cover request and it will flow through to the roster. There are a few moving parts when swapping shifts, but Droppah’s all over it. Everyone involved will stay updated through in-app notifications. 


A few FYI’s: 

  • Requiring manager approval is optional. Do what works for you!

  • Employees need the mobile app to be nominated for cover requests, so make sure your employees have been invited and download the app so they don’t miss out! It’s available on Android and Apple app stores. 

  • To make sure the right people have got it covered, the colour attached to the Shift relates to a Skill. In the examples above, the Back of House Skill is lookin’ pretty in pink. 

For more deets and Cover Request FAQs, click here


Get the full rostering and payroll experience

We’ve made a few changes in this release to make sure PayHero users with over 10 employees can experience the beauty of Droppah. Our payroll integration with PayHero makes rostering easy, as employee data flows through to Droppah. Previously, PayHero users with over 10 employees needed to subscribe before they could test out the integration. We’ve made a few changes to let you try before you buy! 

Simply sign up to Droppah with your PayHero email, and get integrated to make the magic happen. Your Droppah account will be automatically popped onto a 14-day free trial, so you can get a real taste test.

Connected to PayHero

To sum up, Droppah is prettier, shift swapping just got a whole lot easier, and PayHero users wanting to try out Droppah are in for a treat! 

Don’t use Droppah yet? Start rostering for free today.

Emily | PayHero Resource Author



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