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All the Perks: Paid Breaks, Time Off & Clock In Snaps

June 14, 2023
All the Perks: Paid Breaks, Time Off & Clock In Snaps | Droppah
Emily | PayHero Resource Author



There are so many cool things going on in Droppah land, and we figure you’re here to learn about them… so, let’s go!

Paid Breaks | Droppah

First things first, Paid Breaks functionality is now yours for the taking! You get to save your precious admin time, and your team can get back to work knowing their breaks are recorded correctly. It’s a win-win. 

How does it work? As employees clock in and out, Droppah will automatically determine what breaks should be paid or unpaid. At the mo this feature defaults to Kiwi law, but our legendary support team can help all other users get set up to keep their government satisfied. Get all the paid break details here.

Time Off | Droppah

Do you have employees asking for time off via text or on paper? Maybe they work a variety of hours and need certain days off for uni. Good news - they can now use the Droppah mobile app to request Time Off! This avoids any miscommunication as managers can choose to approve or decline the request, and employees will be notified either way. 

Take note that this Time Off feature doesn’t replace employee leave requests. If you are connected to PayHero, or any other payroll software where leave is processed, these employees will still need to apply for any leave types like annual leave or sick leave. Time Off is designed for employees who don’t necessarily work set hours and need to pass on their availability to the rostering manager. Wanna know more? Read all about Requesting Time Off.

June Release 4

Let’s round this up with something super fun. When employees clock out they can now choose to get a copy of their clock in and out images. All those sleepy/silly/salty photos can now live on forever! Employees will be sent a delicious-looking template to their email and mobile app. Share your pics with each other or on socials. Tag us @droppahhq.    

That’s all for now! If you’ve reached this far and don’t have Droppah yet, what are you waiting for? Sign up here to take a look. Droppah is free for all businesses with up to 10 employees. 

Emily | PayHero Resource Author



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