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Less number crunching, more earning: Optimised Overtime & Public Holidays for PayHero

June 17, 2024
Less number crunching, more earning: Optimised Overtime & Public Holidays for PayHero | Droppah
Emily | PayHero Resource Author



Welcome to a rundown of Droppah’s recent release highlights. These features get the tricky financials right so you can focus on the good stuff. 

Fluid Public Holiday Time Entries

We’ve heard your requests and have some exciting news: time entries are now split at midnight when sent to PayHero or exported. This means NZ public holiday entries aren’t paid entirely based on the day they started, so employees with shifts running across midnight will be paid Time and a Half for hours falling on the public holiday.

Link Overtime with PayHero to set & forget


In February, we added automated overtime cost tracking to Droppah. Employees can clock in and out like normal and Droppah will assign the right hours to the right pay rates to accurately capture your labour costs. 

Now, these overtime details can be sent straight to PayHero for magical, low-touch payroll.


First, create and prioritise as many rules as you need. Next, let Droppah handle the day-to-day complexities. Taking a moment to create accurate rules will ensure your employees are paid perfectly. It will also clearly show overtime hours and rates on employee payslips.

The cherry on top is linking recorded overtime to the right accounting cost centres through PayHero. When we say you can track everything, we mean it. Allowances can be set up in the same way, too. 

Looking for extra technical intel? Check out how Overtime and Allowances work, plus how to send Overtime to PayHero or export timesheets into any payroll or reporting system.

Budgets to get ballin’


To get those financials right, you can now create a Budget to forecast your expected daily earnings for every venue or location. Use your target labour cost ratio to build affordable rosters, and report on any variances when the actual numbers roll in. You can use this real-time data to tweak your roster and ensure you’re hitting your numbers. Get set up in Team Settings

Crunch less, earn more

You can set up Budgets, Overtime & Allowances to be as simple or detailed as you need. Either way, cash in on these features to claim back your time and control every dollar.

Not using Droppah yet? Jump in today to level up your rostering and budgeting game! It’s free for any business with up to 10 employees. 

Emily | PayHero Resource Author



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