Eat My Lunch | Droppah Customer
Eat My Lunch | Droppah Customer

Eat My Lunch

Catering / Social Enterprise

Since 2015, the team at Eat My Lunch has made it their mission to ensure no Kiwi kid goes hungry at school. Eat My Lunch is a catering company that operates as a social enterprise centred around a ‘Buy One, Give One’ model, in which every meal bought gives a lunch to one kid in need. In 2021 Eat My Lunch was accredited as an official supplier to Ka Ora, Ka Ako Healthy School Lunch for Auckland and Wellington schools.

Eat My Lunch currently has over 200 employees across Auckland and Wellington, so keeping up with their production capacity calls for a dynamic rostering system.

Eat my Lunch has been using FlexiTime's latest payroll software, PayHero since it launched in 2019. Before adding Droppah and integrating with PayHero, National Operations Manager Brett Pearson was manually downloading excel spreadsheets and uploading them into PayHero. While this may be less of a problem if Brett only had a few employees, Brett now manages a team of over 150 people across 3 locations in 2 different regions. In an average week for Eat My Lunch, Brett needs to fill 15 shifts a week with 30 people rostered per shift. 

“Before Droppah, our rosters were manual and problematic”. 

As Eat My Lunch expanded, they quickly found their old rostering system became outdated and incapable of keeping up with their increasingly complex rostering needs. Brett says they were in need of a system that could scale alongside the business and easily manage their growing teams across New Zealand. 

Droppah provided Eat My Lunch with an ideal solution to solving many of their existing problems, and the integration with PayHero made it easy to migrate away from their old manual rostering system. The visibility of Droppah’s real-time attendance feature allows Brett to understand where his employees are and what they are doing, enabling Brett to effectively and efficiently manage his resources. Brett can also monitor break times, leave, and absenteeism to better understand Eat My Lunch’s production inputs compared to its outputs. 

A significant bonus for Eat My Lunch is Droppah's seamless integration with PayHero. As well as making the account set-up process simple, the deep two-way integration streamlines the process of approving timesheets for payroll, managing rosters for different teams, and employee leave.

“Integrating PayHero with Droppah has given us the ability to see every shift and what our teams are doing in real-time”. 

With FlexiTime's innovative cloud-based rostering and payroll solutions, Eat My Lunch has overcome the growing complexities of managing a large team across multiple locations. Giving Brett and his team more time to focus their energy on making a difference in our communities and providing lunches to kids that need them. We are proud to partner with an amazing organisation that has provided lunches to over 1.7 million tamariki over the past six years. Ka rawe Brett and team! Ka pai tō mahi!

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Company: Eat My Lunch
Industry: Catering / Social Enterprise
Customer since: May 2021
Team size: 200+
Why Droppah?
  • Easily manage a large team
  • Real-time attendance
  • Automated rosters
  • Seamless integration with PayHero
Eat My Lunch | Droppah Customer

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