Man O’ War | Droppah Customer
Man O’ War | Droppah Customer

Man O’ War

Winery & Restaurant

Man O’ War is a world-class Kiwi winery located on stunning Waiheke Island. Man O’ War operates 75 vineyards across the island, producing three main wine collections. Man O War’s Tasting Room and restaurant is New Zealand’s premier beachfront dining experience.

Between the restaurant and vineyard operations, Man O’ War has over 100 employees, so it’s important to get rostering right. According to Assistant Man O’War Restaurant Manager Lea Winzer, rostering used to be incredibly painful with so much to juggle. “Before Droppah, my least favourite thing to do on a Sunday night was checking all the timesheets then making a new roster.”

Man O’War found their solution in Droppah’s agile system. With Droppah, businesses can use the roster-building option that best suits their needs. For Man O’War, every week looks different so Lea can create roster plans for different scenarios depending on how busy they expect to be. When things are more consistent, Lea can save even more time and energy by copying the previous weeks' roster and making any necessary adjustments.

When it comes to timesheets, “the biggest game-changer is having employees clock in and out of shifts with Droppah. I used to spend three hours a week chasing up individual team members to make sure times were correct. Now, it’s not up to me to manage timesheets.” With Droppah’s photo time clock, all the timesheet data is easily accessible and tedious admin is eliminated.

“I quickly scan the completed timesheets then send them to payroll. Rostering takes two quick steps at the end of the week.”

Lea’s favourite thing about Droppah is the difference it has made in communicating with staff. “Previously, I would download our roster in a PDF, attach it to an email and send it to everyone. But if anything changed, I would have to resend it and make sure everyone knew what the updates were.”

Now, once the rosters are finalised, Lea can hit publish and Droppah automatically emails employees their shifts. “If any tweaks need to be made I can hit publish again and only communicate the changes with employees who have been affected.” This eliminates the hassle of redownloading the PDF and reaching out to employees manually. Lea says, “the communication is so automated and everybody knows when they are working.”

Droppah also provides Man O’War with answers to important questions like, “‘How much time did we invest into admin? How much time did we invest on the floor?’” By utilising the teams and skills in Droppah, businesses can paint an explicit financial picture and find where they may be overspending. This is much harder to achieve without accurate timesheets.

“The different teams and skill sets in Droppah allow us to see exactly where our money is being spent.”

What about the employees? Lea says there is complete pay transparency as every employee can see exactly what hours have been worked. Plus, management can easily keep tabs on things throughout the week. As for the process of clocking in and out with a photo? “The staff make it fun and love taking photos every morning!”

We asked Lea about the process of adopting Droppah because we all know shifting to a new system can feel daunting. According to Lea, “it’s well worth investing some time at the beginning. Once you’ve got your new process in place and your team adapts, it’s so beneficial.”

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Company: Man O’ War
Industry: Winery & Restaurant
Customer since: May 2021
Team size: 100
Why Droppah?
  • Eliminates painful manual rostering procedures
  • Visibility of where money is being spent
  • Easy to communicate any changes with staff
  • Use short-cut functions to decrease time spent on rostering
  • Enjoyable and transparent process for employees
Man O’ War | Droppah Customer

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