Mean Doses | Droppah Customer
Mean Doses | Droppah Customer

Mean Doses


Mean Doses Lead the Way: Their 5-star Experience with Droppah Hire

Who doesn’t love a beer brewed by Welly locals? Well, it’s hard to enjoy that beer when there’s no one to pour it. When one of their usual bartenders called in sick last minute, Mean Doses used Droppah Hire to find cover, curbing any beer-pouring woes.

Dean Moses (yep, you read that right) is the mastermind behind Mean Doses. He started experimenting with beer over ten years ago and set up a taproom soon after. With a recent move into a light and vibrant space on Tory Street, the Mean Doses team has entered a more mature season in their hoppy adventure. 

Dave Wood is the venue manager at the Tory taproom. Since June 2023, he’s been using Droppah rostering software to make sure the right team are on at the right time. Dave first decided to try out the Hire feature when someone called in sick. Dave shared how stoked he was when the shift was filled within five minutes. "We got a response from a worker at a good price and I chucked in the credit card details." Dave found a qualified gig worker at a good price, but more than that, "it was a bargain for the small amount of time I had to spend getting a shift set up. The whole process was very seamless."

The worker who was hired had everything Dave was looking for. When you set up a shift, you can select specific Skills you want the candidate to have, and only those who match them will get a notification. No one wants a skilled barista to wash dishes, and vice versa. Even if the worker has the right skills, there are still things they might need to know before starting the shift. Dave liked how he could ‘text’ the Hire through the Droppah app to communicate important info. After the shift, Dave rated each other 5 stars. Success!

Hire can be used independently from the rostering side of the app, but Dave said the true ‘a-ha’ moment is found in the integration. "It’s so cool how they (the worker) show up on your Droppah time clock - like magic." Beer isn’t the only magic to be found at Mean Doses.

Company: Mean Doses
Industry: Brewery
Customer since: June 2023
Team size: 8
Why Droppah?
  • Fill last-minute gaps in the roster, no paperwork required
  • Find the right worker, based on their skill set
  • Communicate with workers before the shift, via the app
  • Watch the shift flow to the time clock, ready to go
Mean Doses | Droppah Customer

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