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Sugarwoods | Droppah Customer


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Margaritas & morale: How Droppah serves Sugarwoods

In the heart of Wellington, you’ll find the lively Sugarwoods crew serving up cocktails, beats and pizza. To keep spirits high, Operations Manager Cody Holton uses Droppah’s neat rostering and hiring functions.

Sugarwoods is a Courtenay Place night-out hotspot backed by the Wellington Entertainment Group, who also own Dakota and Rubix. The group has funnelled a decade’s worth of hospitality success and knowledge into their newest venue - Sugarwoods. Cody himself has worked in hospitality all around the world, but Wellington remains his favourite. But, not even the famous Welly hospo scene can escape the pressure. Cody discusses how hard it’s been to find good quality employees, and even with a solid core team, people still call in sick and there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s times like these he’s hopped on to Droppah Hire for a solution. “The gig workers we’ve found through Hire have all been amazing - they’ve supported the rest of the team when we’ve needed it."

“The team can turn up knowing they don’t have to pull through short-staffed in a busy venue, and if the staff are enjoying themselves, customers will be as well.”

Cody appreciates that it’s not only bartenders or FOH he can find through Hire, but every other skill from security to duty manager. He’s been impressed by the quality of the gig workers, and how they bring a “breath of fresh air” into what could have been a stressful shift. To find the right fit, Cody says “We will outline what’s required in the shift description, then within minutes of making it live, we can see who has applied and pick the best match.” It’s a win-win.

“The system provides a great experience for the staff - they can easily clock in and get straight to work.”

Cody also finds the initial roster creation super easy. Once the roster is live, the employees can access it via email or the mobile app - no Facebook message is required. “Nobody has an excuse not to see their roster, so everybody is on time and present at the shift.” If the roster has any last-minute gaps, they can use Hire and communicate with the qualified gig worker in-app. All the Wellington Entertainment Group venues also love using the time clock. Cody describes how the bars compete to see who can take the quirkiest clock in photo (think Superman).  

“Paper-based timesheets get lost and crumbled. With Droppah, there’s no room for error.” 

To top it off, the recorded time is sent straight through to their payroll system. Cody loves Droppah’s streamlined integration with PayHero. “All the details are bang on point and everybody gets paid on time and correctly.” Sugarwoods have it under control from start to finish. Cody summarizes his thoughts like this - “Droppah not only saves you time and money but also your team’s happiness.” Check out Droppah to retain your current team, and find good quality workers when you need them.

Company: Sugarwoods
Website: instagram.comsugarwoodswellington
Industry: Bar and Club
Customer since: October 2023
Team size: 18
Why Droppah?
  • Keep your core team engaged
  • Find great quality gig workers
  • Clear and timely communication
Sugarwoods | Droppah Customer

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